Biotin - 60 Capsules 5000MCG Vitamin B7 and Coenzyme R Supplement

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Technically known as vitamin B7, The Biotin Supplement is an essential vitamin that been historically grouped with the B-complex vitamins since it was discovered. 

The benefits of using biotin have focused primarily on the health of nails, skin and hair.  Biotin has been the preferred go to vitamin when the beauty of women is concerned and has been marketed for these beauty issues for many years.  Clinical studies have supported the use of biotin for strengthening brittle nails and hair, in improving hair shine and strength and creating more supple and younger looking skin.  

Biotin’s role as an enzymatic cofactor has led to some research being done with it’s interaction with glucose metabolism, the amount of insulin being released in the bloodstream and the benefits of insulin resistance.  Studies in regard to diabetes and diabetic neuropathy show promise with the use of biotin.


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