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 PURE ECHINACEA CAPSULES: This echinacea powder formulated into veggie capsules is a great supplement to use for boosting your immune system and to help support a healthy lifestyle.

DOUBLE YOUR ECHINACEA SUPPLEMENT: These Echinacea Extract Capsules can be taken in 2 ways: Use as echinacea capsules for quick and easy supplementation or open the echinacea capsules and use the echinacea powder inside to prepare echinacea tea for a soothing cold remedy.

PURE ECHINACEA PURPUREA: Just one of our echinacea root 420 mg capsules provides the most for your daily recommended dose. We use all natural and 100% pure echinacea purpurea in our dietary supplement. You won't find any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives in our formula

PURE ECHINACEA ROOT: By making our Echinacea Extract only in the USA at a GMP-certified facility, we're able to promise a level of quality that's second to none. Choose Pure Naturals for safety, purity and potency.

GROWN & MADE IN THE USA: Our Echinacea Capsules are gluten free and vegetarian, made from plant-derived capsules. They also contain no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, soy, corn, dairy products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Many of Echinacea’s chemical constituents are essential oils, flavonoids, inulin, polysaccharides and vitamin C. All healthy things your body can use.

There are nine known species of echinacea. Echinacea is an herb that is native to areas east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. It is also grown in Western States, as well as in Canada and Europe.

For a time, echinacea enjoyed official status as a result of being listed in the US National Formulary from 1916-1950. However, use of echinacea fell out of favor in the United States with the discovery of antibiotics. But now, people are becoming interested in echinacea again because some antibiotics don't work as well as they used to against certain bacteria.


The hedgehog-like appearance of the central cone of echinacea, or purple coneflower, gave this herb its name, from the Greek echinos meaning "hedgehog."  Echinacea is probably one of the most commonly used herbal extracts today.  In Germany, the liquid extract is referred to as "resistance drops," owing to echinacea's immune-stimulating effect.


Parts Used

Roots and rhizomes



In acute illness, take up to 3-4 capsules per day.

For prevention of colds and flu, take 1-2 tablets daily.


Potential Benefits

• Supports the immune system.

• Supports your body's resistance to the progression of infections.

• Supports your body in helping with the symptoms of colds and flu, especially when nasal congestion is a problem.

• Supports your body's virus killing action.


The flowers of echinacea seem to stretch up to the sun; they must be sacrificed to harvest the roots, which are dried for medicinal use.




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