Organic Inulin Powder Fiber Supplement - 8oz (280g) Bulk Inulin 60 Servings

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PURE CERTIFIED ORGANIC & KOSHER INULIN: This Bulk Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin Powder Treatment is certified OU® Kosher and USDA® Organic.

ORGANIC INULIN HELPS CREATE & SUPPORT A HEALTHY GUT: By using Organic Inulin Fiber and feeding and enhancing beneficial bacteria in your gut, Jerusalem Artichoke Organic Inulin Powder helps to stimulate and support your immune system and grow the good bacteria you need to digest.

WHY USE ORGANIC INULIN PREBIOTIC POWDER? : When you add this Organic Inulin Powder Supplement to Water or Juice, Research indicates that liquids are more easily absorbed into the body. With an average absorption rate of better than 90% vs. pills at 10-15%. As a powder added to liquid, Our Complete Natural Products Pure Inulin Fiber Supplement is absorbed far better than any pill or capsule would be. And above all, it goes straight to the issue.

HELP NOURISH BENEFICIAL BACTERIA IN YOUR BODY: Inulin Powder is known to help support your body by putting together all of the pieces and let your gut health truly flourish. The best way to optimize your gut flora is through your diet. A gut-healthy diet is one rich in whole, unprocessed, unsweetened foods, along with traditionally fermented or cultured foods.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Complete Natural Products offers a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and we stand by our all natural pure products.


Organic Inulin Fiber is a type of water-soluble prebiotic fiber found in onions, leeks, garlic, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and many other foods. Prebiotics are indigestible to you, but they help nourish beneficial bacteria in your body.  These beneficial bacteria, in turn, assist with digestion and absorption of your food and play a significant role in your immune function. The Organic and Natural Inulin Supplement is a fructan, which means it is made up of chains of fructose molecules.  In your gut, inulin is converted into short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that are then converted to healthy ketones that feed your tissues. SCFAs may also nourish colon cells and produce more appetite-controlling hormones in your body.  As such, inulin has multiple benefits to your health.


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