We back our products by a 100% guarantee.

If any of our products do not achieve the intended results as advertised or otherwise advised, Complete Natural Products will refund the entire purchase price of the product less any handling charges, discounts or shipping costs incurred.  

Please be aware that more complicated health issues take time to resolve. 

All guidelines and recommendations in using the product need to be followed by the customer.

The directions come on the bottle recommending the amount of dosage, the time for taking the products, the need to add the products to either water or another liquid, understanding that most of our products are concentrates and the importance of following the directions to insure success.

For kidney stones and gallstones and the use of Kidney Complete and Gallbladder Complete, a minimum recommendation of 16 ounces would need to be used in order to adequately resolve most kidney stone or gallstone issues. More could be recommended based upon the size of the stone, the number of stones and the individual needs and history of the customer.  Thus, a purchase of less than 16 ounces or the recommended amount for the particular customer would not be refundable as the required amount of product would not have been used as recommended to solve the given customers particular problem. 


All requests for a refund should be made no later than 30 days for a refund to be considered.  

Please note that most liquid products are apple cider vinegar based.  There are a relatively small percentage of people that have allergic reactions when using products with apple cider vinegar.   Please know in advance if you can or cannot use apple cider vinegar before you place an order.  We suggest adding a little apple cider vinegar in water as a sample test to insure their are no personal issues or reactions with products containing apple cider vinegar although our products taste significantly better than straight apple cider vinegar. 

Please Note:

  1. Shipments and delivery of the product with the associated costs on a specific date or time as chosen by the customer are beyond the control of Complete Natural Products.  Please note the need for a Saturday delivery on the order if a Saturday delivery is desired. Also note that FedEx and UPS do not pickup on Sunday or orders placed after 12 noon MST on Saturdays.  Express shipments should be calculated based upon a business week schedule unless Saturday Delivery is specified and paid for.  International orders cannot be tracked and are consequently not guaranteed.
  2. With order cancellation returns, there is a minimum handling fee that will be applied with the return shipments covered at the customers own expense.
  3. Errors and/or omissions on orders committed by the customer will be handled at minimum handling and shipping costs.  All customers are responsible to enter or confirm the correct billing and shipping address on their order.  This is why a confirmation is sent to the customer's email address to verify all order information.
  4. Errors on orders, or product issues caused by Complete Natural Products will be handled fully at our expense and replaced as reasonably quick as is possible.
  5. The purchase and use of products for non-human consumption. (i.e. dogs, cats, other animals)  cannot be guaranteed.
  6. All order returns should be sent to:
    • Complete Natural Products
    • 1265 West 1275 North
    • Suite 7
    • Centerville, Utah 84014
  7. A refund is started by signing into your account, going to your order and requesting a refund.  Please fill out all relevant questions.


If there are questions concerning the refund procedures, you can reach us at: 888-648-4442.